Best Part-Time Home Based Jobs for Senior Citizens in India

We all need money to survive in this world and also we need money to fulfil the requirements of our loved ones. But if you are a senior citizen then you might have some limitations in terms of health and energy to work in an office. So to make this easier here I am going to share some best part-time jobs for senior citizens in India that they can do from home and can earn as much as they can. Check out them below.


Being a senior citizen you have the experience and knowledge to solve day to day problems of people. You have the ability to listen to their problems and can suggest the best possible way to solve the issues. If you have such kind of skills then you can earn a great amount just being a consultant and you don’t need a setup or money to invest in this.


There are many people who retire from a good teaching or educational background and also they have great communication skills. If you have such skills in you then you can teach some particular subjects to other students in a meaningful manner and can earn a good amount. You can teach online or from home or you can join a coaching institute as a part-timer.

Customer Service Representatives

If you are good in communication then you can work as a customer service representative for a company. There are many companies who provide work from home jobs in this section. You just have to solve the queries asked by customers related to products or services over the phone or chat on the behalf of the company.


If you have great knowledge about language and grammar and consists of a great thought process then you can start working as a blogger. You can create your own blog or can write for companies. You can select your own niche and can write attractive and engaging content and can earn as much as you can.

Virtual Assistant

If you have good management skills then you can earn good amount just by managing and planning the work of your client by being a virtual assistant. There are many professionals who don’t have enough time to organize things so they hire a person who can do this for them and they pay well for this task.

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