6: Captcha Solving – Part Time Jobs for Students

Captcha Solving

The sixth instalment of this article is the captcha solving jobs. In this field, you have solved captcha images displayed on the screen and every successful captcha you will be paid by the company. There are many companies in the market that pay a great amount for the people who works for them as a captcha solver. This is an easier task and you can complete thousands of captcha in a day and can make money as much as you can.

Captchas are the form of characters, images or combination of both. Sometimes you have to solve simple riddles to solve these captchas or have to write down the characters shown in the image box as it is as they are showing. Along with this, you might experience another type of captchas like you have to select some images that fulfil the answers of the question asked on the screen.

To get started you have to contact one of the companies that provide captcha solving jobs. You can communicate and create an agreement that states your work and payment terms. Normally these companies pay per successful captcha and you will be paid after a certain period or gaining a certain amount. Sometimes these companies pay on a particular date, so you should ask your employer and should clear all the terms and conditions before starting the work.

The main thing in the process that you should consider choosing the right client that actually pays for your hard work. As there are many fake clients are running their business in this field that asks for work from you and at the time of payment they refuse or sometimes cut the amount by telling that you are not efficient or quality is not matched. So, you should be very careful and should work according to the terms indicated in the agreement.

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