2: Freelancing – Part Time Jobs for Students


Freelancing is a wider term that can be used for any kind of work that you can do and make money as per your skills. There are many freelancing sites are running in the market that provides good freelancing work and you can choose as per your requirements.

For this, you should create an account on one freelancing site and you should mention all your skills and experiences in that. You should also attach your work samples and references of your previous work to mark your great impression on the clients. You should create a professional profile and should avoid mentioning personal stuff or hobbies as this will allow the clients to understand that you are keen on your work.

Freelancing is a type of small business and you should be aware that handling a business is not an easy task no matter the size of that. You can do freelancing alone or with your small team but if you are working as a team then you should mention that in your profile because there are many clients who prefer to work with teams and some prefer working with individuals as per their project requirements.

The clarity in the profile is the most important part and you should mention skills that you have mastered and avoided including all skills that you might just hear off. Because it might create a problem for you while answering the queries of the client.

Another major thing is that you should make an agreement before starting work and you should be clear about your work and payment terms in that. Choose the right project that you think that you can complete on time with quality and choose the right client to work. Be clear, be focused and timely deliver the quality work – these are the keys to get success in freelancing.

Part Time Jobs for Students : Number 3

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