Online Jobs that You Can Start Doing from Home without Any Experience

We all know that when we start thinking about a job the first thing that comes in our mind that is experience. There are many companies that require experienced employees to work from them and they allow them to work on their terms or work from home. But here I am going to share some top jobs that you can complete online and can make money without any prior experience. Check out them below.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are small jobs or we can say that small tasks that many clients regularly assign to their employees to complete. They will instruct you about the job and assign you a timeline to complete that. Also, you will be paid a fixed amount after completion of the job but that will be discussed before starting the job. There are many companies that provide these jobs online.

Online Counsellor

Many times when we stuck into a situation where we want a sort of advice this may be personally or professionally then we move towards the online counselling. They listen to our side of the story and advice us that what we can do best. If you are good in communication and can work as an online counsellor and can make a good amount by solving problems of people.

Data Entry

Data entry is the simplest form of jobs that you can complete and can make a decent amount just by entering data from one source to another. There are plenty of websites are available online that provide data entry jobs so you can apply. For that, you just have to read the complete instructions given by the client and enter the data with accuracy.

Website or Application Tester

This is a modern way to make great money online because almost every software or app development company hires multiple employees that can test and can give valuable feedback about their app or site before the final launch or delivery. For this, you must have some technical knowledge to point out the errors.

Search Evaluator

Search evaluator job is one of the highest paying online jobs but there are some companies that may require to interview or can check your degree certificates before hiring you for this position. This job is all about evaluating the search results generated by a search engine like they are valuable, accurate and relevant for the users or not.


Proofreading is a highly paid job but to be master in this field you must have great command over the particular language. There are many companies that hire proofreaders to read their content and point out errors like grammatical, punctuation or sentence formation mistakes. So, basically proofreaders help companies to make the content error-free.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of the highest growing jobs nowadays because there are many professionals that don’t have enough time to organise their things like their meetings, schedule or work. So they hire virtual assistants to complete and organise these things in a better way on their behalf. They pay a good amount mostly on an hourly basis for this type of tasks.

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