Payment Terms

We send payment 25 to 05 date of every month.
  • HomeWebWorks working on net30 payment process as we discus.
  • Payment on confirmed is sent in second week of next month (For more information about payment confirmation date and time )
  • HomeWebWorks have payment cycles for pay to users, so if any content not confirm or verified  in this month, that will be counted in next payment cycle.
  • Example for payment in HomeWebWorks: If any user complete works in January 2019 and we will test your work in February 2019 and will be paid in first week of March 2019.
Threshold HomeWebWorks works on a default threshold of $500 in approved Payment. Our entire user gets paid via PayPal/Payoneer. Validation Process
  • By default all contents are shown as pending on your user dashboard. We can deduct your amount whenever we want, if we have any distrust on you.
  • Numbers for preceding month are confirmed by last day of current month.
  • We accommodate each contend with our professional team.
  • Pending contents checked will be marked as “Pending” in your user dashboard
  • Example – Content for April 2019 will be updated in panel by 30 May 2019.
  • All rights are reserved with HomeWebWorks.